January 3rd 2015
55% of US millennial smartphone owners who use mobile payments prefer to have a unified app that can be used in multiple stores while integrating individual store coupons and loyalty programs.
Customer Engagement Via Mobile Wallets: There’s No Way It Won’t Become a Norm.
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June 28th 2014
The growth of digital coupons outpaced the growth of newspaper coupons by more than 10 to 1 in 2009 14 to 1 in 2010 and almost 20 to 1 in 2012 and growing!
Growth of Digital Coupons Outpaces that of Printed Newspaper Coupons 10 to 1
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June 26th 2014
Of the 45MM Americans using online coupons, over one third do NOT clip coupons from the Sunday newspaper!

June 5th 2014
Women under 30 are less influenced by newspaper coupons but more influenced by at-home mailers and online coupons. Women and the Digital Path to Purchase.

May 12th 2014
29% of smartphone owners have used their phones to look for coupons before making a purchase. Strategies for Driving App ROI | Loyalty360.org.
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May 11th 2014
42M US consumers used a smartphone coupon in 2013!
How Mobile Coupons Are Driving An Explosion In Mobile Commerce
Added: 05/23/2013 from BUSINESS INSIDER Published: 05/23/2013

May 10th 2014
Over 50M US consumers will use smartphone coupons in 2014!
How Mobile Coupons Are Driving An Explosion In Mobile Commerce.
Added: 05/23/2013 from BUSINESS INSIDER Published: 05/23/2013

May 5th 2014
34% of smartphone shoppers use their devices for mobile coupons.
A Mobile Shopper’s Journey: From the Couch to the Store (and Back Again)
Added: 08/13/2013 from NIELSEN Published: 08/12/2013

February 1st 2014
The smartphone world is expanding at a rapid pace. There are already more than 1.08 billion smartphone users in the world, out of which, 91.4 million are from the United States. To help you understand the world of smartphone users in a better way, Space Coast Coupons have compiled some interesting data about SmartPhone Facts & Stats.
Out of the 5 billion mobile phone users in the world, 1.08 billion are smartphone users
More than 91.4 million smartphones users are from the U.S
Smartphone platform Android has the highest market share of 46.9%
89% of smartphone users use their smartphones throughout the day
92% of smartphone users use their smartphone to send text messages to other phones. Whereas, 84% of users use their smartphones for browsing the internet
The age group of 25-34 has the highest smartphone penetration rate of 62%
50% of Android Smartphones and 43% of Apple iPhone users are younger than 34 Years.
53% of smartphone users are male and 47% are female
Android Smartphone owners consume the highest amount of data at 582Mbs a month, while iPhone owners on consume 492Mbs of data a month on average
Apple iPhone users download the maximum applications per month, which is 48
Downloading applications is the most popular data usage activity for smartphone users
Singapore has the highest smartphone penetration rate in world, which is 54%.

January 2nd 2014
86% of mobile internet users use their mobile device while watching TV with 37% of those browsing the internet for non-related TV material like coupons! (Source: Yahoo, 2012).

December 13th 2013
37% of American adults who have a smartphone are expected to use mobile devices for holiday shopping this year (NRF Report).

December 5, 2013
73% of consumers find it useful to receive an instant coupon as they pass by an item in a store (Source: Accenture, reported by Internet Retailer, 2010).


Digital redemption growth has SKYROCKETED! Rising 263% in 2009.
Other paperless coupon distribution methods, such as electronic checkout (39%),
digital promotions (31%) and shelf pad (30%), also helped drive 2009’s significant
growth in coupon redemptions.

Shoppers saved $4.2 billion with coupons in 2012, according to the Annual
Topline U.S. CPG Coupon Facts Report for Year-end 2012.

Online coupons also contributed to the rise in coupon distribution and redemption,
with Internet distribution up 92% and consumer redemption of these coupons up over 360%.

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