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We also promote your coupon on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest for extra exposure!

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  1. Coupon use hits all time record high.
  2. 27% increase from last year and growing!!!!
  3. Coupons is top search term on Google!
  4. 367BILLION printable coupons were distributed in the U.S.A. alone last year.
  5. Google serches for “printable coupons” & “Online Printable Coupons” doubled!
  6. 83% increase in coupon use since 2007
  7. 263% increase in internet coupons
  8. 88.2 Million Consumers (47% of Internet Users) Plan on using online coupons in 2011
  9. 92.5 Million in 2012
  10. 96.8 Million in 2013