About Us

Space Coast Coupons, a Google Certified Partner, offers a very unique coupon deal within the local community area from businesses that DO NOT ADVERTISE THEIR SPECIAL SPACE COAST COUPON OFFER on ANY other coupon, flyer, advertising or ANYWHERE ELSE!

Space Coast Coupons advertisers give solid offers of Discounts, Bonuses, Premiums, Giveaways AND Free Products and Services.

Space Coast Coupons also offers sole exclusivity to our advertisers on the E-Mail coupon and SMS side. You will not go through 4 or 5 Dry Cleaners, Pizza Deliveries, and Oil Changes/Tires etc. in the same E-Mail or SMS Text Message Coupon Blast.

We also promote our advertiser’s coupons on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ AND Pinterest!!! In addition to SpaceCoastCoupons.us  for extra exposure.

Whatever product or service potential customers are looking for, they will check with SpaceCoastCoupons.us FIRST because if it is on this site then it will be the very best offer for that particular product or service the customer is looking for. Why pay more for the same? If it’s on here, it should NOT be cheaper anywhere else. That is the promise from our Advertisers!

We are one of the ONLY companies that offer unique online tracking that keeps track of EVERY E-Mail subscriber in our network.

We analyze your campaign down to the people that open, print out, forward and click and convert on your own site! Your online reporting will include ALL statistics constantly updates in REAL TIME!

We are White Listed with ALL major ISPs and adhere to constantly changing guidelines and best practices to insure delivery into their networks.

We compile our ‘DOUBLE OPT-IN’ data using a very unique and effective method. All of our names are delivered from our data base management agreements with companies such as Geico, AT&T, Dell and Papa John’s to name a few.

We send out an E-Survey to their raw data to find out more info about them as consumers and the last question of the survey is asking them if they would like to receive Coupons, Special Offers and/or Promotions from screened advertisers based on their interests. If they check yes, we then send them a confirmation E-Mail to confirm their Opt-In and that they WANT to be added to our list.

We find our method is a lot more effective than other company’s methods of list scraping, co-registration and sweepstakes offers.